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Guangzhou Biel Stage Technology Co.,Ltd has been in the aluminium trussing industry since 2015. We provide customer with Square Truss, Triangular Truss and ladder Truss with different connection type , main items are aluminum truss, aluminum stage, aluminum barricade and aluminum bleacher, support standard truss and system solution according to your requirement. Truss are used in entertainment, theatre, Hotel, music and corporate events. Brand name is ADLand Bielstage.

Bielstage’s trusses are manufactured according to Germany standard in a strict quality control process, in order to provide our customer with high quality products, which has extremely high load capacity and exceptionally good welding characteristics. We always continued to look to new technology and innovation to improve our stage truss quality. Not just to sell truss, Our owner Andy and his team have always looked for new ways to realize green and healthy development with our customers and partners.

All products are made of highest quality aluminum material and skilled production staff, what is more, with advanced production equipment, full time professional workers, and ERP manage system , we try best to improve production efficiency, reduce unqualified rates, and enable our products to have competitive price in the market. The customer's 100% satisfaction is our only  goal.

Raw Material:

We use the following types of aluminium alloy for our truss, stage and barrier, ENAW 6082 T6, ENAW 6061 T6, Obviously, we cannot distinguish the quality of the material through the naked eye. We provide the material report by third -party SGS who make complete chemical composition analysis and tensile test for our factory, according to USA standard ASTM B557-15 and ASTM B211-20.

 SGS report.png

Produce process:

We have adopted the Enterprise Resource Management System (ERP) to comprehensively integrate resources such as sales, procurement, production, cost, inventory, distribution, transportation, finance, human and other resources to achieve the best resource portfolio, achieve the best benefits, Make each production process clearly and visible, The cost of each item is accurate and open, If a problem occurs, we can quickly find and solve it.

Products design:


Our team uses the latest CAD and Solid work drawing software to draw production diagrams to make the product size more accurate, the errors are smaller, and the custom products are easier to connect. The CAD drawing is clearer, more easy to analyze and compare, display details,  three -dimensional effects are more intuitive, which can assist in the analysis of the load -bearing data of structure, also our engineer team can make structure loading report according to your requirement.

Quality control:

1.   All welders have passed the welder certification

2. Weld inspection: Welding penetration test

3.   Correction machine: Correct cross -section of the truss

4. Truss testing: Online inspection, finished product test by QC, loading test by third d party TUV

5.   For the failure products, do scrap treatment

Factory of safety:

1.   Equipment: Every manufacturing facilities has labels, logos and prompts, safety operation guidance books, regular maintenance, correction and replacement of equipment

2.   Personnel safety: 5s management, keeping ventilation and cleanliness in the work area, wear  glasses with eye care, wearing protective clothing and labor shoes

3.   Safety education: The personnel department regularly holds knowledge training on production safety and fire safety

4.   Keep emergency medical: iodine, bleeding band, bandage, tape, thermometer, scissors, mules, wound stickers, burns

Protective packing: 

Environmental protection and recyclable packaging materials

Our team: 

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals, can help make your ideas come true, produce aluminium truss of any kind of connection type, help make truss compatible with famous truss and stage brand in the world ,Believe us, work with us, both of us win. Quality is our culture.