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What is ADL technology ?

ADL technology is a structure and events manufactures in guangzhou China.our mission is to elevate event enginnering & safety practices through continuous improvement and education programs in partnership with leading industry professionals.

The focus of ADL technology

Helping to uplift the support structure industry by targeting four main areas: constructures, ideas& design, cultures, and complex projects. Achieving a high level of safety through continuous edcation of industry professionals, and offering extensive know-how and long time experience for the successfu completion of projects.

Leading an coordinating the activites of its brands by acting as an “incubator” for their ideas and strategies.

Serving as a “all do for love” for the activities its brands carry out in local markets.

Delivering customized solutions thanks to the experience and know-how gathered from its brands,no matter what brands or products are chosen by customers. Offering decades of experience and industry-leading know-how from its team of experts specialized in complex projects.